College Of Paramedics

Soon after the HCPC was formed and the Orders in Council were approved by the Privy Council, it was required that the HCPC had to liaise with a professional bodies for all the professions that the registrar was responsible for. At that time the only profession not to have professional body was the Ambulance profession. Two colleagues from Essex Ambulance Service undertook the necessary work to set up a professional body in order to ensure that the profession would be represented and fulfill the self regulation responsibilities for standards and education. The name of British Paramedic Association (BPA) was agreed at an inaugural meeting held at AMBEX in 2001. From this point the development of the BPA began, and has now taken the name the College of Paramedics.

The real benefits of a professional body are not always tangible. Our main areas for benefit to members lie in the philosophy that as a profession we shall work towards undertaking responsibility for our own professional future.