Caedmon College Whitby

Opened in September 1912 as The County School, Whitby, the College began life as a co-educational grammar school, with about 300 pupils. In 1972, it received its first comprehensive intake and a new name - Whitby School. At this time, students also began to transfer at age 14, rather than age 11 as in the past.

In 1993, we became Whitby Community College. The Governors were determined to encourage more people of all ages to take advantage of the opportunities the College could offer and widen the horizons of its students. Whitby Community College, a 14-19 community College, was designated as a Specialist Technology College in September 2002. The College was redesignated with joint status in July 2008 with Caedmon and Eskdale Schools but operated without a specialism since 2011. It had a wide and varied curriculum at both Key Stage 4 and Post-16, and mature students joined the College's day-time Post-16 courses, where they made a significant and enriching contribution.