Dynamic Words Discipleship College

It is with deep pleasure that I welcome you to the website of DWDC. The greatest privilege any Christian can have is to be used by God in a special way to reach his or her generation. But how can we reach a generation that has been raised to believe that its problems are everything but spiritual? How can we help people who depend so much on Sociologists, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, General Practitioners and alternative medicine? How can we enlighten and win the confidence of people who see Christians more as liabilities, than as helpful contributors to society? The answers to these complex questions are by no means easy. However, I am convinced that we have what it takes to change our world, if we are prepared and equipped to do so. Christ-followers are the light of the world, but we will shine brighter if we are trained to represent God better. My desire, as the principal of Dynamic Words Discipleship College, is to see these issues tackled head-on in a relevant and practical manner.