New College School

New College School is a happy community of boys aged 4-13 in the heart of collegiate Oxford. We are the oldest school in Oxford, and we are proud of our long tradition of excellence and innovation in education. New College has a centuries-old culture of mutual respect, which continues to lie at the heart of school life. Today, our boys have access to state-of-the-art classrooms, and they are taught in small groups by dedicated teachers. Our aim is that every boy should achieve his academic, sporting and musical potential.

Our boys could give you scores of good reasons for choosing New College School. We are a small school with a strong sense of community, where scholarship, music, sport and all sorts of other achievements are celebrated. We are a feeder for the country's top independent senior schools. Many families choose NCS because they can watch their son develop in a nurturing environment and then have a variety of choice of senior school at 13+.