Paulet High School & 6th Form College

Paulet High School was established in 1975 to cater for children of all abilities, mainly from the Stapenhill area of Burton upon Trent. In common with other High Schools in the town, it owes its name to a family prominent in local history. The school is situated on a pleasant open site and our accommodation provides all the necessary resources to meet the needs of those in its care. A major expansion of the school facilities is the new Stapenhill Post-16 Centre. This opened in November 2003 and provides further opportunities for pupils to continue their education at the school. The Centre provides a wide range of University, College and Business links to ensure pupils develop to their full potential. The Centre will have state of the art facilities. Like all good schools we aim to provide an education which is challenging and results in young people gaining the necessary skills and qualifications needed to take an active part in society.