Jamea Al Kauthar

Jamea Al Kauthar is an independent academic girls’ establishment aiming to educate Muslim girls over the age of eleven in a safe, secure, happy and Islamic environment. Jamea started with 60 girls in September 1996 and now caters for up to approximately 450 residential girls. We provide an opportunity to study the traditional sciences concurrently with secondary and further education. Jamea Al Kauthar also offers a two year abridged version of the Alimiyyah program in the English medium.

  • Providing opportunities for students to acquire an in-depth understanding of Deen.
  • Developing the love for Allah and his Prophet Sallallahu alayhi wasallam.
  • Instilling religious and moral values, tolerance of other races and religions.
  • Producing individuals who have the capacity to think for themselves, to know their own minds but to have the flexibility to listen to others.
  • Encouraging all pupils to appreciate the needs of others and be sensitive to them, to work in teams and be able to recognise right from wrong.
  • Encourage students to respect and abide by the rule of law and be an exemplary citizen.